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  • Shoppable® Instant Shop
  • Earn Commissions on Orders
  • Secure, PCI-Compliant, Universal Checkout
  • Sell Products from Top Brands
  • Web-based Reporting & Analytics
  • Up to 25 products
  • Up to 10,000 page views


For startups and early-stage businesses


Per month, paid yearly




$1,000 per month platform license if paid annually with automated billing or $2,000 per month if paid monthly. 

Tools For Growth

  • Everything in Personal and…
  • Shoppable® DTC Lite™
  • Shoppable® API Suite™
  • $.20 / API call (billed monthly)
  • Up to 5 Merchants
  • + Amazon Linkoff
  • Additional Merchants for a Fee


Large corporations or multiple websites

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Flexible payment & invoicing options. Customized Plans 



The Sky Is The Limit

  • Everything in Growth and…
  • 1st Party Data Access, CRM imports, and Full Funnel Campaign Tracking
  • Option of Flat Rate or Usage-Based Pricing Options
  • Discounted API Call Pricing
  • Option for Non-US Checkout
  • Designated customer success manager
  • Private merchant access

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Shoppable® License

Site Size (monthly pageviews)

Total pages per month with Shoppable technology. If the site maximum has been reached the plan will automatically upgrade

Multiple Users & Permission Levels

Users are the people that access your Shoppable business account and web-based dashboard. All plans include 1 admin user.

Additional users can be purchased based upon your plan level and the terms outlined in the pricing table.

Website Licenses Included

Shoppable® Instant Shop

Branded Instant Shop

Your Instant Shop allows you to set up a shop without needing any technical support. Simply curate products from thousands of brands already integrated.

Third Party Campaign Tracking

This enables you to track your paid media campaign performance.

Shoppable® DTC Lite™

Embeddable Ecommerce Technology

Shoppable® DTC Lite™includes a packaged technology of "Add to Cart" buttons, a shopping bag, and universal checkout that can be embedded on an existing website or blog. 

Shoppable Event Tracking

We have created tracking events based on the shopper's usage of the cart. You can subscribe to these events and use the information to integrate them into your custom analytics platform.

Third Party Campaign Tracking

This enables you to track your paid media campaign performance.

Commissions & Campaigns

Earn 100% Of Merchant Commission Revenue

This is the commission a merchant has agreed to pay for orders you send. Merchant commissions vary from merchant to merchant.

Use for Sponsored Content or Ads

All sponsorships and paid placements are coordinated between you and the advertiser, directly.  ("Personal" level plans can not be used for Sponsored content.)

Product Catalog

Shoppable Merchant Product Catalog

Shoppable can provide its merchant catalog of products for you to get up and running immediately. Depending upon your license level, if you have merchant relationships and feeds, Shoppable may be able to support those. Please get in touch with a Shoppable Sales rep for more details.

Private Merchant Product Catalog

Private Merchants are Shoppable's merchant partners that either do not meet the qualifications to be an Open Merchant or who are private because they require additional approvals.

Product API
Catalog API
"Buy Now" Buttons
Product SKUs

This is the maximum number of product SKUs you can have curated and/or promoted within your account at any given time.

TikTok Catalog Feed

Shoppable will provide you with a custom TikTok Catalog feed for you to use with your TikTok advertiser account to unlock their commerce tools. This must be used in combination with Shoppable's DTC Lite, Ad Experience, or Instant Shop.

Option To Include Amazon Link-Off

Please contact sales for additional details.

Option To Use Your Affiliate IDs And Tracking

Please contact sales for additional details.

Shoppable® Universal Checkout

Multi-Retailer Order Processing Technology

Shoppable's proprietary technology will process each portion of the universal checkout order and update the order records accordingly.

Shoppable’s Patented, Universal Checkout (Hosted)

This is Shoppable's pre-packaged multiple-brand, multiple-retailer checkout. It allows minor customizations such adding your brand color, logo, marketing opt-in language, and legal text.

Shoppable’s Patented Universal Checkout API

Please contact sales for more details.

Processing Fee Per Order

This fee is paid to Shoppable to cover the technology and shopper support costs associated with orders. The fee is a percent of the GMV for each completed order.

Credit Card Validation

This checks the validity of a credit card number to reduce order cancellations. 

Cross-Website Traveling Checkout

Please contact sales for additional information. Patent Protected technology.

U.S. Based Checkout
International Checkout
Shoppable can now support non-U.S. checkouts globally. We can support currency conversion, language translation, and global merchants and retailers. Pricing may vary based on your needs so please contact us for a custom quote.

Data & Analytics

Order Data API for First-Party Data
Automatically and securely import all shopper order data including first-party consumer data
Web-Based Order Reports

Includes order detail pages and exporting option. Does not include Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Commerce Data & Analytics Dashboard

Security & Compliance

PCI Compliant Checkout

Shoppable is PCI DSS Compliant and completes and annual third-party audit to ensure security and compliance year after year.

3rd Party Attestation of Compliance
Vendor Security Assessments

Marketing & Customer Service

Branded Order Confirmation Emails
Shoppable Order Customer Service Team
Substitution Assistance for Shoppers
Use Your Own Domain

This option enables you to use Shoppable's technology on your own website domain.

Remove “Powered By Shoppable” Logo

Account Support

Self-Serve Help Center
Shopper Support / Customer Service
Shoppable's Shopper Support team provides support to shoppers for any questions or concerns that come up after they place the order.
Technical Support Calls
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Shoppable Dedicated Guest Slack Channel








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