Shoppable® DTC LiteTM

Empowering existing websites with a lightweight embeddable ecommerce solution. Enable ecommerce without the inventory, fulfillment, or expensive overhead.


Finally, there is a way to add a Shoppable® experience to your website that allows you to focus on content and marketing. Let Shoppable® and our premier retail partners handle the heavy lifting of ecommerce feeds, order processing, PCI-Compliance, fulfillment, and shopper support.  

Shoppable® DTC Lite™ offers you "Buy” buttons and a multiple-retailer checkout process that is easily embedded into your website and allows you to brand the entire user journey.  

Shoppable's patented Universal Checkout technology automatically optimizes the cart based on availability, price, and shipping rates to ensure a frictionless checkout.  This reduces the clicks to purchase, increases conversion, and captures first-party data. You’ll also increase engagement by providing instant gratification when your visitors are inspired to make a purchase.

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When the product is offered by multiple merchants, shoppers are given the option to select their preferred merchant. The order is, then, processed and shipped by our merchant partner.

Shopping is quick and seamless for your visitors. And, hassle-free for you.  

Your 1st party order data is collected through Shoppable's secure order API.  Additionally, you can track shopper behavior via your dashboard.  This is your resource for valuable consumer behavior insights and analytics that can be used to create even more compelling online content and ecommerce experiences.


Available Features:
  • Near-real-time campaign tracking
  • Brand-prioritized shopping experience
  • Fulfillment through your preferred retailers
  • Secure Order Data API
  • GDPR-Compliant Marketing Opt-in
  • Product Bundling
  • TikTok Commerce Ads Catalog Feed
  • TV Commerce
  • Shoppable® Video
  • 1 Click to cart for ads
  • Substitution Policy
  • Shopper Support

(Features vary based on license level.)




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What is Shoppable Media?

Shoppable Media is media or an ad experience that not only connects the user to the ability to buy the products but is transactable from the advertising unit. This creates a streamlined user experience by removing several clicks and...

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What patents do you hold, and why is that important?

Shoppable® is an innovative e-commerce company that currently holds two patents for Universal Checkout technology (also known as Multiple-Retailer Checkout technology).  Shoppable's technology is protected by U.S. Patents No. 9,697,563 and...

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What do I need to do to ensure PCI compliance?

Shoppable® takes security and privacy very seriously. Ensuring PCI compliance is important to us. If you use Shoppable® DTC Lite™, Shoppable® Ad Experience™, or Instant Shop, Shoppable handles PCI compliance. With these solutions, you won't touch the billing details so you...

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