Activate Shoppable® Ads

Supercharge your ads with the power to launch ecommerce experiences while tracking the closed-loop campaign data and capturing 1st party order data.

Create Shoppable® ads and Shoppable® landing pages that allow consumers to purchase in the ad, or 1-click from your ad, while you track closed-loop data on your paid campaigns, capturing valuable first-party data. Track the return on ad spend (ROAS) while your campaign is still active. No more waiting to review performance. 

Advertisers are using Shoppable® Ads to win new customers from social and paid media, track closed-loop order conversions, and deliver engaging omnichannel shopping experiences. Did you know we can track revenue by campaigns, while it is still running?  Gain the data that you need to optimize your media budget. This can save your budget and increase your sales.

Usually, ads bounce shoppers from social experiences to landing pages and then bounce them again to a merchant's website. This is too much friction and an unwanted distraction from the experience the shopper is in. Not to mention it can put the focus on one retailer over the brand advertiser. Shoppable® solves all of this.





Paid Ad

Launch your shoppable media campaign on any channel, including engaging social videos  on TikTok, and link it to your Shoppable® Ad page.

Customer Testimonial: "I personally found the Shoppable® Ad built-in tool to be very intuitive and enjoyed using it to implement our first Shoppable® Ad page."

–Web Developer, Consumer Products Company













Drive Sales & Track ROAS

Consumers will land on your branded Shoppable® landing page.  Consumers can build a basket of your products, and then purchase them directly, on that same page without having to forward away to a retailer.  You can immediately track sales and the full closed-loop data. This lets you optimize while your campaign is still active and helps reduce marketing spend. 








Shoppable® Ads don’t link off. Unlike traditional online ads that send a consumer to a merchant's website, Shoppable® Ads bring the merchant’s website to the consumer.

Shoppable® Ads allows consumers to shop and checkout in as little as 2-clicks without leaving the page that they are on. Instant gratification is achieved with minimal friction. While advertisers retain all consumer data, insights, and the ability to remarket to that consumer, in the future.


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Shoppable® Ads can be used on Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, among other platforms.




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What is Shoppable Media?

Shoppable Media is media or an ad experience that not only connects the user to the ability to buy the products but is transactable from the advertising unit. This creates a streamlined user experience by removing several clicks and...

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What patents do you hold, and why is that important?

Shoppable® is an innovative e-commerce company that currently holds two patents for Universal Checkout technology (also known as Multiple-Retailer Checkout technology).  Shoppable's technology is protected by U.S. Patents No. 9,697,563 and...

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What do I need to do to ensure PCI compliance?

Shoppable® takes security and privacy very seriously. Ensuring PCI compliance is important to us. If you use Shoppable® DTC Lite™, Shoppable® Ad Experience™, or Instant Shop, Shoppable handles PCI compliance. With these solutions, you won't touch the billing details so you...

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