Our technology gives your business all of the benefits of being a retailer, but without the hassle of fulfilling orders and managing inventory.

Key Benefits

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DTC Like Experience
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Customer Data & Analytics
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Increase Sales & Conversion
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No inventory management
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Control Brand Representation

Solutions to Make Every Mention of Your Brand Shoppable®


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Direct-To-Consumer Lite for Your 

Built for your "" site, DTC Liteenables you to easily sell products on your own website. Yet, avoid the full supply chain process as well as the messy merchant of record challenges.

Your checkout is powered by Shoppable® and orders are fulfilled through your current channel partners. 

Shoppable's technology seamlessly integrates into your existing website, transforming a non-DTC brand website into an ecommerce experience.  

Best of all, your business retains the first-party order data, key consumer insights, and the ability to market, directly, to consumers. 


Shoppable® Media Solutions

Create Shoppable® ads and Shoppable® landing pages that allow consumers to purchase in the ad, or 1-click from your ad, while you track closed-loop data on your paid campaigns, capturing valuable first-party data. Track the return on ad spend (ROAS) while your campaign is still active. No more waiting to review performance. Gain the data that you need to optimize your media budget.

Shoppable® Ad Experience produces a branded landing page/microsite with only your products sold on it and a checkout experience where products are fulfilled from your preferred retail channel/s.

Shoppable's solution solves all of the problems that CPGs experience with link-off vendors. Discover why Shoppable® is the best solution for CPGs and manufacturers:




Frequently asked questions

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What patents do you hold, and why is that important?

Shoppable® is an innovative e-commerce company that currently holds two patents for Universal Checkout technology (also known as Multiple-Retailer Checkout technology).  Shoppable's technology is protected by U.S. Patents No. 9,697,563 and...

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What do I need to do to ensure PCI compliance?

Shoppable® takes security and privacy very seriously. Ensuring PCI compliance is important to us. If you use Shoppable® DTC Lite™, Shoppable® Ad Experience™, or Instant Shop, Shoppable handles PCI compliance. With these solutions, you won't touch the billing details so you...

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Who handles customer service?

Customer Service is handled by the merchant in partnership with Shoppable. We have a 24-Hour Shopper Support team that will handle any questions after the shopper submits their order. Shoppable works with Shoppers to answer questions and help them with order tracking as needed. Most Shoppers know...

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