The Shoppable Commerce Suite

Discover three powerful technology products to create ecommerce experiences without having to hold inventory or fulfill orders.


Shoppable® DTC Lite

Empowering websites and blogs with direct-to-consumer ecommerce, without the need to hold inventory.

Websites and blogs finally have a way to monetize their content without relying on ads or affiliate links that redirect visitors away from their site.

Shoppable® DTC Lite websites typically see an increase in visitor engagement and satisfaction, because they are able to give their visitors instant gratification when they become inspired to shop.

Shopping is quick and seamless for shoppers and hassle-free for the website. All orders are entered into our universal checkout technology and processed by our merchant partners.

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If the product is offered by multiple merchants, the shopper is given the opportunity to select their preferred merchant to complete the transaction.

The shopper will receive an order confirmation from the merchant and be shipped the product. The website retains valuable consumer insights and analytics they can use to create even more compelling content and ecommerce experiences.




Shoppable® Ad Experience

Supercharge ads with the power to launch campaign-focused, single-page, ecommerce experiences while capturing 1st party data.

Advertisers are using our Shoppable® Ad Experience (or S.A.X for short) to win new customers from social and paid media, track order conversions, and provide an engaging multi-channel shopping experience.

Traditional ads are placed in high traffic areas with the intent of redirecting that traffic to a merchant website. The problem is, most consumers in those high traffic areas usually have a destination in mind and traditional ads are an unwanted distractions. S.A.X wasn’t created with intent of redirecting the consumer.

Instead, of bringing consumers to a merchant website we bring the merchant’s website to the consumer.

S.A.X gives consumers the ability to shop and checkout in as little as 2 clicks. Instant gratification is achieved with minimal distractions or friction. The advertiser retains all consumer data, insights, and the ability to market to that consumer in the future.



Shoppable® Instant Shop

The incredibly fast way to monetize content with a stand-alone or embedded ecommerce experience.

It just got incredibly easy and fast to create an ecommerce experience and generate sales. Start selling products from a huge list of merchants we already have in our catalog, or import your own. Either way, you’ll never have to hold inventory or fulfill an order—let our merchant partners worry about that.

Perfect for large brands, influencers and publishers. Instant Shop is extremely versatile and powerful. Create multiple shops with a single page or a single page with multiple shops.

It’s also possible to embed videos and images to make the shop unique, special and a branded experience.

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 16.03.42

Instant Shop gives consumers the ability to purchase in as little as 2 clicks. Our Universal Checkout technology gives the website the power to be able to process multiple products that are shipping from multiple merchants in a single transaction.

Shoppers enjoy a seamless shopping experience and shop owners retain valuable consumer insights and analytics that they can use to create even more compelling content and ecommerce experiences.


Frequently asked questions

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What patents do you hold, and why is that important?

Shoppable® is an innovative e-commerce company that currently holds two patents for Universal Checkout technology (also known as Multiple-Retailer Checkout technology).  Shoppable's technology is protected by U.S. Patents No. 9,697,563 and...

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What do I need to do to ensure PCI compliance?

Shoppable® takes security and privacy very seriously. Ensuring PCI compliance is important to us. If you use Shoppable® DTC Lite™, Shoppable® Ad Experience™, or Instant Shop, Shoppable handles PCI compliance. With these solutions, you won't touch the billing details so you...

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How do I set up Shoppable® DTC Lite™

This article will walk you through how to get DTC Lite set up on your website or blog. What is Shoppable® DTC Lite? DTC Lite v5 is a compiled Es5 and Es6 compatible single file bundled app of our multi-retailer enabled shopping cart, allowing you to make any page shoppable without the hassle and with no engineering lift required. Once you've...

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